Dedicated to the men and women who risk their
lives everyday for the selfless acts of providing
Fire, EMS, and Police services to the fine citizens
of Crawford County, OH.


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Local Frequencies of Interests Around Crawford County

Public Safety Agency Frequency License
Sheriff 154.860mhz KCN703
Bucyrus Police 156.210mhz KQA229
Statewide Police Band 155.370mhz KCN703
Fire Dispatch 154.250mhz KNJS832
Fire Repeater 151.2125mhz WQGM518
EMA Repeater 151.3025mhz WPYD306
Lifestar EMS 155.175mhz WQIY571
Public Services Agency . .
Crawford County Garage 156.240mhz KQD738
All Township Trustees 154.055mhz KCN703
Other . .
Bucyrus City Services 154.025mhz KEL382
Wynford Schools 462.100mhz WNDL845
Bucyrus City Schools 451.400mhz WQIB517
Council on Aging 152.360mhz WNPJ303
Area Ham's . .
W8DZN Repeater 147.165mhz W8DZN
W8DZN Repeater 442.525mhz W8DZN

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1/1/2009 - Taking up donations for a $500 MARCS scanner. If you are interested in donating please send any amount to P.O. Box 126, Bucyrus, OH 44820.